Digital Design Studio II: First Level Storyboard

To create dramatic effect and to spark interest in our prototype, we decided to go with a very theatrical story line with enough of information to get people interested in the game and hopefully wanting more. Today after a joyous 10 hour shift at work, I managed to sit down and complete a storyboard for the tutorial level of the game that will introduce the story and basic controls to the player.Tutorial Storyboard.jpg

I’ve decided to get Callum to work on the rest of the paperwork as I think he has a good idea of how everything in the project is going to fit together. My hope is that I can get to work on creating the game while Xuan and Conrad start modeling the characters. I need to make sure we are ready to model everything by confirming the rigging and importing processes.

Game Review: Against all Odds  

This is another in a series of interactive story games which aims to educate people in societal problems. This one in particular has many different stories and aims to simulate experiences that are unpleasant for the player. This tactic of education is in my opinion rather brutish, but I cant fault it as it can work for some people. I personally was not moved by the stories in the game. This is most likely due to the fact that I am aware of these issues already. For someone who is not educated in what happens in countries where your rights are taken from you because of something you have no power to change, these games are so important. It raises the issues in the safety of a game platform where it is easy to simply disregard it as ‘not real life’. The game pushes past this by relating back to enforce the point that actually, this is real life. I enjoyed playing through the game and reading about all of the stories and I would recommend it.

Game Review: Lay Off

Lay off is a small game which builds on the simple yet popular mechanics of bejewled and candycrush. The game uses this to its benefit as the game is based on the idea morality and ethics being lost in the modern world. I thought the overall game was well thought out however it did not interest me. I like games that are narrative driven vs the mechanical focus of this game. Still, I can appreciate the message they are trying to convey.

The Story of Ravenswood: Digital Design Studio

This post details the story elements of the game and what happens at the end.

I ended up spending a lot of time on this game because I got so enveloped by the world and the story. It felt wrong to leave it unfinished and while it could be much more, I am simply glad that I was able to share this story in the end.

As you play through the game, you learn more and more about the world and what kind of a character King Redmond is. In his final moments (after defeating him in the final boss room),  the player learns of Redmond’s intentions. While the blight was of his own creation, he sought to defeat it in order to save his kingdom. Blinded by pride and damned by the corruption, the Ravenswood would not accept him as a sacrifice in order to reverse the damage. This drives him mad leaving you one option. To kill him or to die from the blight. Soon after however, the player is given a choice: Take the throne, or sacrifice yourself to heal the blight and restore the kingdom. There is no consequence of either choice and this is because I want the player to decide what kind of a person they are. It surprised me to learn that all of my playtesters chose to take the throne and hold the responsibility to rule over a dying kingdom rather than give themselves in the hope that the corruption would end.


The Importance of Backups: Digital Design Studio

As your game becomes larger, so too does the chance for corruption. Game Maker tries to avoid this by backing up the game several times but in my case, the main backup was corrupted, and previous versions were too far back that it was not worth starting from there. So I stayed up late and re-made my whole game. Thankfully all of my artwork was intact.

Dynamic Lighting and Stealth: Digital Design Studio

Because one of the main mechanics in my game is stealth, I needed a way to accurately show your characters detection radius. I did this by adding in a dynamic lighting system. The light has several other uses as well. I ended up using it for path finding and for progression. I created levers in my game which destroy obstacles. I designed them to be braziers that you have to 2

lighting 3

When activated, the braziers light up and a flame appears on top. The obstacles in the room then disappear.