Game Design: Tabletop Gaming

Today was a day of 1 step forward 2 steps back. We realised very early on in the lesson that our game was not interesting or fun. We needed to change our idea. We came up with several ideas only to drop them before they could really take off in any significant way. We attempted to think of games that had mechanics that we liked but to no avail. In the end we went full circle back to our original idea. What we needed was constraints. Too many ideas all at once was making it difficult to focus on any one idea. We decided on two concrete things that we need for our game. This removes any temptation of changing it. We are going to make a card game and it will incorporate a risk reward system. There are a few games that use this mechanic well but the one we had a lot of fun with was the game Coup. We already liked the idea of roles and having the element of mystery in our game. We will need to create the prototype by Friday so simplicity will be key.


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