Digital Design Studio II: Game Design Document

I have finished writing up the basic plot for our game which has enough information to storyboard our 3 main parts. The story was written by Callum with my occasional input:

Before Game-play:

Hamlet built his family’s business from the ground up. He was a smart and inspiring leader who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted: A better life for his family. When Hamlet had access to anything he wanted in life and the largest gang in town to back him, it all fell apart. He became lazy, opting for the life of peace and relaxation rather than the brutal power hungry life he was renowned for. Members of the gang began to talk of overthrowing Hamlet, the centre of this coup, his own brother Claudius. Claudius had stood in his brothers shadow for too long and coveted the power his brother had. When the opportunity came to eliminate his brother, he took it.

Game-play begins:

The game starts with a fade in, from a first person view inside a limo. You can hear the murmuring of thugs outside as the car cruises through the empty street. The car stops and the door next to you opens. You step out onto the street. A group of gang members standing outside start whispering to each other. The man who opened the car door is a sentinel. The street is completely empty save from a few groups of gang members dotted around the entrance to a warehouse directly in front of you. A tool tip appears directing you to move around. You walk up to the door to the warehouse, two guards are standing by the door. The move as side as you approach. When you enter the warehouse you see its completely empty except for a chair in the middle with a man, head down, strapped in. Another tool tip appears telling the player to press F to draw their weapon and click M1 to shoot. A cut-scene plays showing (from hamlet’s perspective) Claudius shooting his brother.

Second Cut-scene:

With hamlet dead, Claudius now has control of the gang. He starts by immediately starting wars with neighboring gangs seeking more and more power but more than that; a legacy that shadows his brothers.

Free Game-play Starts:

Horatio, a very thin and reasonably twitchy looking man wakes Hamlet up informing him of his death. Horatio tells you that he has brought you back to kill Claudius and get revenge. The player can accept or refuse this. Either way Horatio informs Hamlet that he can manifest himself in the real world but only for a short time. While the player is in the real world they are vulnerable and can die forever. If the player chooses to ignore Horatio, they will be tasked with making their way to the gang’s hideout to talk to Claudius If not, the Horatio tells hamlet to gather some men around the neighborhood and fight your way to Claudius.


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