Game Design:

Last week we began our first assignment for the course. In groups of 3 we were tasked with creating a paper prototype for a game centered around an everyday activity. Our everyday task was walking the dog. Initially we struggled to get a concrete idea as a group but we managed to come up with something reasonably simple and ‘playable’. We based our idea on the card game ‘Spoons’. The players start in each of the four corners of the board and receive a random task. Only you know what your task is and it is your job to complete the task and make it to the center of the board first. To add a system of choice or randomness, we added another set of sabotage cards that each player receives as well. These can be used to force other player to perform an action in an attempt to slow them down. There were a few mechanical problems with our game to say the least. The first was that we initially planned to make it so that if any player completed a task, anyone could get to the lamppost. The problem with this is players can camp by the lamppost waiting for someone else to complete their task. This is countered in the game of spoons by having two win conditions. Players are occupied with the pace of the game and completing the original task of completing a set of 3. This distraction is what our game lacks and to make the game playable we will need to rectify that. Once the game has been play-tested we will know how much more is wrong with it.

I am not too worried with the final result of the game. I do not plan on putting too much extra effort into this project as I feel like it is more useful as a failure that we can learn from. Time constraints on other projects are also a bigger priority for me.


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