Digital Design Studio II: Game Design Meeting 3

We are now into the 3rd week of the project and we are on schedule however, I would like to be a little further ahead at this point as we are moving into unknown territory. I am the only member of the group that has character modeling experience and while I know from experience that its not a difficult thing once you get into it, I also know it can be foreboding. I’ve decided to start coding the game using placeholder objects in the mean time.

The concept art for all 3 characters has been finished. I am very happy with all of them. The real test will be in retaining their individual styles in the modeling stage. I still need the models to be consistent. I believe we are able to make changes as we go and that we should keep moving forward however, Callum believes it is important to get the models looking 100% accurate before continuing. Callum has been a huge help with decision making so far and so we are going to take our time and make sure everything is ready before we begin the next phase of the project. This means completing the story and gameplay plans, designing all the miscellaneous pieces of concept art and the level design.


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