Digital Design Studio II: Game Design Meeting 2

Today I was able to meet up with my group to discuss their ideas for the development of the game and more importantly, the story. On Monday, I quickly checked up on them to see how they were handling the work I assigned to them. Xuan had completed some sketches for the protagonist and said she would be able to have some more in time for the Tuesday meetup. I definitely liked the sketches she showed me. I asked her to now work on creating a turnaround for the character so that we are ready when it comes to modeling him. As for Conrad, he had nothing for me. He did however send me a design for a character very early on which I am happy with as a concept so I’ve asked him to work on a turnaround for him.20196726_1419789391446369_661244923_o.png

Not having the art is annoying because its crucial to get the concept art done and out of the way early on so we can focus on the bigger aspects. I told him this and have decided to keep checking up on him more regularly as I need him for other jobs. I got Callum to work on the level design and help me write the story for the game. He spent a solid 2 hours looking through the asset store looking for things we could use for the game. After the meeting we discovered that our story had too many roadblocks so we sat down and worked on it for a good few hours. We still need to refine it by taking a look back at “What is the Hero’s Journey” but for the moment its good enough. To help with the artwork which we are all working on now, (Callum is working on the level design and I’m working on a design for a mentor) I made a quick mood board of reference images showing our theme:

Research board.jpg


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