Digital Design Studio II: Game Design Meeting 1

Researching games similar to Hamlet: Dragon Age.

Dragon Age origins is a perfect example of a game that tells the story of hamlet but in a completely new way. Another is the movie the Lion King. Since both of these are famous titles it gives the group something to refer back to while creating the game and developing story.

Genres and themes.

We decided to go with a style of artwork similar to that of Borderlands. This is because it keeps things simple and plays to the artist strengths. When it comes to texturing the 3D model, we can create our own textures quite easily using simple colours and outliner features, giving us more control over the design.

Callum and I are planning on creating our own soundtrack for the game as this will have a serious impact on the mood of certain scenes.

Game Design and Mechanics

As far as mechanics go we have no clear idea as to what we will put into the game. If we can solidify a genre by tomorrow then we can get things really moving with the project. What we have decided is that it should be 3rd person. This is because we are going to spend a lot of time designing our main character Hamlet and it seems a waste to lose him for most of the game (because of the lack of cut-scenes).


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