Digital Design Studio II: Hamlet, the Video Game

Brief and Research

We were assigned Hamlet as our play. Hamlet is a good starting point as there is a strict deadline on the project. It also leaves a lot of free reign as far as artwork and mechanics go, however the narrative still needs to be true to the original play. I feel that we can push the boundaries of the brief by justifying all of our decisions as far as narrative and artwork goes.

The Story of Hamlet

From the brief research I have done so far, I have noticed that Hamlet follows a 5 act structure. This makes narrative easy to create and alter as we see more development in the character and level designs. Having two artists working on one project seems like it will be problematic in the future with regards to continuity. In an attempt to counteract this pre-emptively, I felt like it would be a good idea to have one artist on environmental creations while the other works on character. I will know more once we brainstorm and come up with some mood boards and mock ups. I will create some sketches of different genres to start the ball rolling.

The 5 act structure of Hamlet


The structure of hamlet above should be fairly easy to follow and adapt. As a group its important to have a clear and similar view as to the theme of the game. As the game developer it is my job to ensure this is done and that I learn the strengths and weakness regarding the group so that we can either work on these areas or avoid them as the time limit draws near.

The Plan

As a group we need to decide what we can achieve early on so that we don’t get distracted or overwhelmed. My hope is that we can follow the brief as tightly as possible by completing the game and releasing it as a completed prototype. Since we have 2 game artists, we should be able to achieve a high standard of work in a short amount of time. While aesthetics are important, I believe that we can substitute them for completion and mechanical polishing. It would be a good idea to get stuck into this project ASAP. Knowing this, I have planned a meeting for Tuesday so that we can all start to work on our respective areas. I will hopefully be able to help in all aspects to ease stress and stick to the deadlines I will set tomorrow.


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